NFTers Ambassador Program Announcement

Welcome, NFTers!

3 min readJan 27, 2023

Are you a big believer in the future of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and especially NFTs? Do you think the NFT space is just in its infancy and will take off in the near future but is in need of more support and innovations from the major players? Then, you will love being part of the NFTing movement!

NFTing is on the hunt in the vast blockchain space to find worthy members to join the NFTer’s Ambassador Program. As we aim to revolutionize the current state of NFT marketplaces by addressing their evident and unresolved shortcomings, we want you to be the voice of the NFTing culture to the world. Uniting like-minded individuals regardless of race, color, language, timezone, and level of expertise in a single movement to change the way NFTs are found, traded, and used forever. NFTing will be at the forefront of the future of NFTs!

Anyone can become an NFTer ambassador so long as they are:

✅ Web3, Blockchain, and NFT enthusiasts.
✅ With an active presence on multiple social media platforms.
✅ Proactive and enthusiastic writer/speaker/designer/engager — able to write engaging social media posts, articles, videos, comments, and/or captions.
✅ An active community member.

As part of the ambassador program, you will be an essential member of the NFTing team who will promote to the world the vision of NFTing in the NFT space. Part of the role is to ensure:

✅ Ensuring community involvement.
✅ Communication with other ambassadors for strategic exchange to improve the NFTing community’s presence.
✅ Consistency of activities on our social channels to keep members engaged.
✅ Must use their expertise in line with the given tasks.

Why join the NFTers Ambassadors Program?

Aside from being the voice of NFTing to the world, you will also be looking forward to exciting perks and rewards such as:

✅ Early access to information about NFTing, including product development, campaigns, & more!
✅ A chance to work closely with the core NFTing team.
✅ A chance of being Whitelisted for IDO allocation.
✅ A chance to own special NFT on our platform — only for “Verified” accounts & batches.
✅ Access to exclusive AMAs, podcasts, and/or videos.
✅ Free and exclusive NFTing merch!
✅ A chance to be featured in our AMAs, videos, and/or Podcasts.
✅ Exclusive access to Ambassadors–Only Special Events & Campaigns such as giveaways, competitions, media, and much more.
✅ An opportunity to grow your network.
✅ Amazing experience working in a professional company in a fast-paced environment!
✅ The possibility of working full-time with NFTing in the future!
✅ Regular communication and access to special ambassador groups.
✅ Official recognition on our website, Linkedin, and social media platforms as an ambassador!
✅ Possibility of managing your own team.
✅ And much more, as the program grows with more amazing NFTers!

All verified ambassadors will alsobe rewarded with $NFTING tokens on a monthly basis. These tokens will be accumulated first and will be distributed only after the token generation event (TGE).

To make it more exciting, the rewards will also work as a leaderboard system with the top 10 ambassadors of the month receiving $300 worth of $NFTING tokens. Top 11 to 30 will receive $200 $NFTING; Top 31 to $100 will receive 100 $NFTING; For ranks 101 and later, $1,000 $NFTING tokens will be divided by how many people there are, with a maximum of $25 per ambassador. These numbers may even be updated and increase in the future depending on the success of the ambassador program!

Be an ambassador NOW!

Do you have what it takes to be part of the ambassador program? Are you a goal digger? Do you love focusing your energy on the completion of tasks? Are you creative? Then, submit your application for the NFTer’s Ambassadors Program now!

Fill out the form below! 👇

We are excited for you to join us in this revolutionary ecosystem where NFTs are accessible to anyone, regardless of user knowledge!

Best regards,
NFTing Team