Unlock NFTs Potential To The Fullest: Introducing NFTing’s Revolutionary White Label Solution

3 min readJun 12, 2023


Unlock the true potential of digital assets for your project like never before with the launch of NFTing’s groundbreaking white label solution! It’s time to embrace the future, enrich your user experience, and unlock unparalleled opportunities in the fast-paced, dynamic world of NFTs!

NFTing, the pioneer NFT search engine and aggregation platform, is launching one of the most awaited features on its platform — its white label solution. It’s the all-in-one package that provides you with the technology, tools, and platform necessary to launch and manage your own NFT marketplace successfully. Whether it’s art, collectibles, virtual real estate, or unique digital assets, our solution is designed to handle it all!

NFTing’s white label solution is a low-cost, low-code required integration that can cater multichain NFT marketplaces with advanced features, giving you total control over your marketplace with your desired branding.

There is more to offer than just low-cost, low-code, and easy-branding features. Here are the other exciting features of NFTing’s white label solution that sets it apart from the competition:

Minting Capabilities

All creators, regardless of experience level, have a common ground in the platform allowing for advanced minting, creating collections, and metadata minting.

Trading Capabilities

Audiences of all experience levels in the NFT and crypto space will have everything they need in one platform. Buying and/or selling at a fixed price? Auctioning of NFTs? Making an offer for a rare piece? All of these are now possible, thanks to the white label solution provided by NFTing.

Data Analytics

Whether artist, creator, or an avid fan of the collection, anyone can now monitor the movement of a specific NFT’s value. Audiences can view an in-depth set of data with historical filters, all trading indicators, and insider project data.

A Truly Global Platform

More than just the multichain feature of NFTing — which is ready to deploy on any chain of your choice, the platform is also multilingual offering easy integration with Crowdin and other translation tools. This resolves the existing issues of current marketplaces offering consumer support only in English.

Total Control Over Your Platform

Projects who will be integrating NFTing’s white label solution will be provided with their own dedicated Admin Platform which can be customized to their preferences.

  • Control what to show on your marketplace and add new collections in just seconds!
  • Love to update your community with the latest on your projects? Well, you can write your own article within the platform and publish it for your audience to enjoy a good read!
  • Like an E-commerce website, audiences will know right away what are the ongoing campaigns, thanks to the platform’s dynamic banners and featured collections.
  • We want projects to grow, so we make sure that the word spreads outside of the platform and reach more audiences by adding an Affiliate Program wherein projects can incentivize users and influencers for promoting their marketplaces.

Search Functionalities

We take into consideration every user’s level of experience in the NFT and crypto space, which prompted us to create an in-depth filter for the platform with over 12 types of filter features, tags, and exclusive searches — the NSFW kinds of stuff. Every search made by the user will be compiled in NFTing’s complex algorithmic recommendation engine with machine learning to produce a more tailored content for the next searches.

What’s more? NFTing is highly committed to security. Rest assured, our white label solution is fortified with advanced security measures to protect your marketplace and the users’ valuable digital assets.

Imagine the possibilities of having your own NFT marketplace powered by NFTing. Engage your community like never before, open new revenue streams, and become a part of the blockchain revolution.

For pricing, you can reach us out through Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or email us at marketing@nfting.store

The future of digital assets is here, and it’s now more accessible than ever with NFTing’s white label solution. Don’t miss this chance to step into the world of NFTs with confidence and ease. Take the leap, transform your project, and shape the future of digital assets. Your NFT journey starts here!