The NFTing Marketplace Aggregates X2Y2 Marketplace

NFTing Now Aggregates X2Y2

On January 16, 2023, NFTing successfully aggregated the LooksRare marketplace! It highlights added features for the NFTing marketplace and fixes some of existing issues. To know more about the LooksRare aggregation release, check out our published article on this link.

Before January 2023 ends, we, at NFTing, proudly announce that our marketplace is now aggregating the X2Y2 Marketplace! This is still in line with our vision and commitment to providing the best and most comprehensive NFT marketplace.

This feature release highlights the added support for aggregating NFTs in the X2Y2 Marketplace. It also highlights the support for adding tags for owned collections, essentially allowing owners of the collection to change the tags added to their existing collections.

The feature release also comes with changes, specifically on the revised tag filter mechanics. Due to the tags collection update (mentioned above), the mechanics of the tag filter should be updated as well since this affects searching of NFTs by tags.

Users can also expect a smoother transaction on the marketplace as we have fixed the issues of buying NFTs in the X2Y2 marketplace, issues of acquiring the blockchain transaction of an NFT when the owner sell it from other marketplaces, and issues of synchronizing manually the NFTs in the collection page.

This is the second in a series of aggregation feature releases that will see NFTing aggregating the entire market, making it the all-in-one decentralized hub for all things NFT.

NFTing is looking forward to a stronger NFT community to join us in achieving our goal of making NFTs the most exciting part of blockchain technology and that we achieve true mass adoption in the nearest future!

Start your NFT journey today at the NFTing Marketplace!

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