NFTing.Store x CrazyMeta

Blockchain enthusiasts, especially in the NFT space, who are into fashion and the latest trends in clothing, this news is for you! CrazyMeta and NFTing are announcing the launch of their partnership as CrazyMeta is now pre-listed on the NFTing platform.

In celebration of this one-of-a-kind partnership, both projects have hosted a shared gleam campaign worth 100 USDT of prizes to be given away to encourage their communities to check what each project has to offer and ready themselves for upcoming campaigns and announcements.

Click here and follow the steps to join the giveaway!

A glimpse of what both projects have to offer

NFTing is the all-in-one NFT ecosystem with multi-chain functionality, multilingual features and an intuitive interface that is easy to use by artists, collectors and crypto newbies alike. An extremely user-friendly interface and ground-breaking personalization features combined with an increased marketplace visibility of NFTs results in a platform that is bound to become the Internet’s hub for all things NFT.

NFTing has now started its pre-listing and pre-registration campaigns. For artists and projects, check out this article to know what’s in it for you when you pre-list with NFTing:

For all NFT enthusiasts, regardless of blockchain experience, here’s an article to know what exciting perks NFTing provides to the first few pre-registered users and what to expect on the platform:

CrazyMeta is a Wear-to-Earn community-led creator powerhouse and ecosystem empowering designers and ‘fashionistas’ to create fashion NFTs for the Metaverse and to forge them into physical fashion items. The CrazyMeta platform and DAO allows partners and other DAO participants to bring their unique vision into both the Metaverse and the physical universe and so let their followers bring their voice wherever they may be.

Harnessing the Power of Web3 with decentralized management and communities, NFTs and Tokenization, CRAZYMETA will build an ecosystem to rewards creators, create digital fashion in the form of NFTs while our real world factories will also build physical limited Edition for the community and beyond. A Whole new Fashion brand for the future!



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