NFTing x COMEARTH Powered by NFTICALLY Partnership

Looking for a metaverse where you have the liberty to do business regardless of nature, size, and target consumer and where NFTs play a huge role? Then, this news is what you have been waiting for.

We are delighted to present our new partner, COMEARTH Powered by NFTICALLY. This partnership will see COMEARTH being pre-listed and be one of the highly-anticipated projects on the NFTing platform. It also serves as an opportunity to help widen the scope and reach of the project so it will appeal to a greater number of users as its launching is coming very soon — initial launch will be in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In celebration of this amazing collaboration, NFTing and COMEARTH will be hosting a joint gleam giveaway campaign and a separate AMA session with another set of giveaway which sees multiple users to win exclusive COMEARTH Metaverse Land NFTs and $500 NFTing Whitelist spot.

The first gleam giveaway campaign runs from August 3–10, 2022.

The second campaign — an AMA session with giveaway — will start after the first campaign. Date will be announced soon, so make sure to follow COMEARTH, NFTICALLY, and NFTing’s social media accounts! Links below.

Click here and follow the steps to join!

Get to know more about the projects


COMEARTH is a VR-enabled E-Commerce Metaverse powered by NFTICALLY. A virtual planet with 8 continents where creators, influencers, businesses, and brands will be able to create sub metaverses like digital shop, mall, events & concerts, hub, showroom, museum and more, and conduct business to sell, buy, market, and communicate. It’s a next level project to introduce E-Commerce in the web3 through metaverse.

Key highlights of COMEARTH are:

  • Businesses and individuals can purchase virtual land in the form of NFTs, governed by smart contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain.
  • Users will be able to launch businesses in the metaverse in minutes via templates provided for buildings and 3D assets.
  • The Beta version of COMEARTH is planned to launch in Q4 2022, available for Early access.
  • COMEARTH Metaverse is backed by well-known Web3 founders including Polygon Co-founders, Coinbase COO & 20+ investors.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect on the COMEARTH Metaverse:

Follow COMEARTH’s official website and social media to know the latest developments of this unique metaverse:

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In addition, follow NFTICALLY (the creator of COMEARTH) to be updated with the upcoming projects that they are about to release soon.

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About NFTing

NFTing is the all-in-one NFT ecosystem with multi-chain functionality, multilingual features and an intuitive interface that is easy to use by artists, collectors and crypto newbies alike. An extremely user-friendly interface and ground-breaking personalization features combined with an increased marketplace visibility of NFTs results in a platform that is bound to become the Internet’s hub for all things NFT.

NFTing’s pre-listing and pre-registration campaigns are still ongoing. For artists and projects, check out this article to know what’s in it for you when you pre-list with NFTing:

For all NFT enthusiasts, regardless of blockchain experience, here’s an article to know what exciting perks NFTing provides to the first few pre-registered users and what to expect on the platform:

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