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3 min readJul 12, 2022


Want to get started with your NFT journey? Thinking about owning your very first NFT, or possibly owning an entire collection — because, why not? Well, NFT newbies and collectors, we present to you our new partner, Aliens of Malaya.

Aliens of Malaya has partnered with NFTing to make its collection “Kingdom of Malaya” cross-chain compatible. This partnership also sees Aliens of Malaya being pre-listed and is expected to be a sought-after NFT collection on the NFTing Marketplace. Part of this amazing collaboration will be the regular Twitter space events aiming to explore the current trends of the NFT industry and later down the line, the possible integration of Orbital Coin to the NFTing platform.

To celebrate this collaboration, NFTing will be hosting its first-ever AMA session with special guests from the Aliens of Malaya team. Of course, we want your AMA experience to be rewarding, so chosen participants will have the chance to receive a total of 30 NFT freemints courtesy of Aliens of Malaya and $200 worth of Whitelist spots courtesy of NFTing.

You receive exciting rewards while learning more about NFTing and its partner, Aliens of Malaya — isn’t that amazing?!

Get to know more about the projects

About Aliens of Malaya

Aliens of Malaya or AOM is a spin-off project of multi-awarded research and development company, OrbitX. AOM has already launched aliens with different rarities that will be used inside the AOM Virtual World as in-game characters. AOM and OrbitX has a clear roadmap for its community which includes environmental and scientific efforts — a true NFT project with a cause.

For each Alien of Malaya NFT you adopt, multiple trees will be planted, water wastes are collected, and more innovative projects including the most comprehensive rocket launch system powered by renewable energy.

About NFTing

NFTing is the all-in-one NFT ecosystem with multi-chain functionality, multilingual features and an intuitive interface that is easy to use by artists, collectors and crypto newbies alike. An extremely user-friendly interface and ground-breaking personalization features combined with an increased marketplace visibility of NFTs results in a platform that is bound to become the Internet’s hub for all things NFT.

NFTing has now started its pre-listing and pre-registration campaigns. For artists and projects, check out this article to know what’s in it for you when you pre-list with NFTing:

For all NFT enthusiasts, regardless of blockchain experience, here’s an article to know what exciting perks NFTing provides to the first few pre-registered users and what to expect on the platform:

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Aliens of Malaya
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