NFTing Campaigns Rules

NFTing Campaigns Rules

One of NFTing’s major milestones in 2022 was the release of its Closed Beta Marketplace. This 2023, we are optimistic that this will be a year full of exciting activities, campaigns, and more partnerships to keep the ever-supportive NFT community engaged and rewarding.

In line with our vision of becoming the central hub for anything NFT, the entire NFTing team is gearing up to run daily and weekly campaigns. Yes, you read that right, daily and weekly campaigns with amazing rewards and perks for everyone to participate!

What’s even more exciting is that this won’t be your ordinary reward system where you simply claim something for performing certain tasks. NFTing will soon launch a Public Rewards Leaderboard — a gamified type of reward system where top performers earn more rewards than the others and will be updated weekly, every Friday night at UTC time.

Note that rewards will be given in $NFTing. At the moment, all the winners of $NFTing will be part of the Public Rewards Leaderboard and their rewards will be accumulated until after the Token Generation Event (TGE) — will be announced soon. After TGE, users can start using their $NFTing.

We give importance to community members who showed effort in promoting NFTing, which is why rewards will be based on the quality of the tasks done, not on quantity. Examples of quality tasks are writing or posting on various social networks about NFTing, being active in all NFTing social platforms, promoting NFTing and its community honestly, responding to queries when available, and other tasks that show your passion and support for NFTing. Simply liking and sharing the posts from NFTing social platforms does not automatically merit the most rewards than those mentioned above.

More of the campaign rules will be discussed further, so make sure you follow us on all our social platforms.

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Here are our current campaigns that you can participate in:

  • Meme Campaign — Create the funniest and wittiest meme that is related to NFT, crypto, or blockchain in general. Winner receives $250 in $NFTing. Know more about the campaign here.

Here are things you need to know about the rewards:

  • All rewards will be given in $NFTing — after the token generation event (TGE).



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