NFTing Feature Highlight: In-depth Filter System

When visiting popular NFT marketplaces today, one of the features you’ll notice is that they usually have similar search and filter systems where they can only sort according to price (from low to high and high to low), date (oldest and most recent), and sale (lowest and highest). We are talking about having search and filter results that don’t match what the users are actually looking for. This is where NFTing steps in and addresses the concern of what NFT marketplaces failed to solve. In this article, we will be discussing the most important and revolutionary feature of the NFTing Marketplace — In-depth Filter System.

The problem

Not all users are the same when it comes to purchasing, selling, or even searching for NFTs on a marketplace. There are pioneering users who have been in the blockchain space since Bitcoin started selling like hot pancakes, but there are also newbies who need proper guidance as the blockchain space continues to expand rapidly. While experienced and enthusiasts already know what to do when finding an NFT to add to their collection, newcomers are still trying to find the perfect NFT to start while considering the use-case and their budget.

This doesn’t seem fair as experienced users are able to leverage new NFT releases, while newbies are having a hard time finding their first NFT.

Existing NFT marketplaces today should start considering adopting an in-depth filter system to make it easier for everyone to search the NFTs they wish to own. Results should be more precise and straightforward so users won’t take time scrolling through the entire page.

Our solution

NFTing offers one of the most detailed and advanced filter systems for an NFT marketplace. It comes with multiple filter choices, including dates, prices, creators, sale status, creator status, complete with suggestions tailored to your preferences. It is not just another NFT marketplace, but an ecosystem where all users with different experience levels are welcome. This ensures a seamless user experience for everyone.

Here’s a sneak-peek of how NFTing’s in-depth filter system looks like:

As an advanced filter system, searching for a specific content and excluding some attributes is now possible — example is searching for NFT artworks but excluding NSFW results. This feature is also used to exclude NFTs from a well-known collector or creator and show results only containing newbie artists and creators.

Given that NFTing provides a lot of choices from its filter system, it is likely that people will forget the filters or criteria used to find the NFT/s. NFTing has thought of this issue, so we made sure that users are able to bookmark all their filter searches for easy access later on. Our filter system does not reset back to default every time you refresh the website like other platforms do, saving precious minutes from busy people.

We will make sure to exceed expectations when it comes to our filter system. We will continue to develop it to improve user experience. To know the latest updates about the NFTing marketplace, make sure to follow us on our socials.

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