Earning Bitcoin Through Self-Custody of Digital Assets With Ledger

2 min readMay 2, 2023


Earning Bitcoin Through Self-Custody of Digital Assets

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to grow, so does the need for security and ease of use. Fortunately, there are technologies now that are created for a range of products and services that allow you to self-custody your digital assets while providing the best possible experience.

The fundamental purpose of blockchain is to provide users with control over their digital assets without relying on intermediaries like banks or trading platforms. However, self-custody comes with great responsibility, particularly when it comes to managing private keys for blockchain addresses.

While software crypto wallets can store and manage sensitive data, they are always connected to the internet, making them vulnerable to hacks. For top-tier security, it is necessary to store private keys completely offline, and this is where hardware wallets come in.

One of the most reliable hardware devices anyone can use for their digital assets is Ledger’s Ledger Nano. It provides secure ownership of assets by securing private keys offline, eliminating the need to trust third-party platforms like exchanges or vulnerable software wallets. Along with the hardware wallet, the Ledger Live app provides an end-to-end experience that allows you to buy and swap crypto, stake digital assets, and engage with NFTs through a secure gateway while securing your private keys completely offline.

To encourage more people to embrace secure self-custody, Ledger has a referral program that rewards both you and your friend with $10 in Bitcoin each time you refer someone to Ledger. The program is simple and straightforward to follow.

To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program, you need to own a Ledger Nano. Once you have your device, set it up with the Ledger Live app, and make sure you have an Ethereum address to create your account. Once you have your referral link, make sure to use it within 7 days as it expires after that. After your friends/referrals complete the purchase, both of you can now claim your Bitcoins after 30 days by following the on-screen instructions.

Final Thoughts

Ledger’s ecosystem of products and services provides both security and ease of use for engaging with digital assets. With their referral program, you can empower your friends and family to take control of their funds through secure self-custody while earning Bitcoin rewards. Don’t miss out on this win-win opportunity.