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NFTing is the all-in-one NFT ecosystem with multi-chain functionality, multilingual features and an intuitive interface that is easy to use by artists, collectors and crypto newbies alike. Not just another NFT exchange, but a truly decentralized, next-gen NFT trading, creation, curation and communication platform, NFTing aims to foster a thriving community on its built-in social platform, while activating projects and artists to unleash their creativity with zero barriers to entry.

NFTing was designed to bring about a smoother, more professional trading experience within a fully decentralized, cross-chain and multilingual format. An extremely user-friendly interface and ground-breaking personalization features combined with an increased marketplace visibility of NFTs results in a platform that is bound to become the Internet’s hub for all things NFT. Multi-language onboarding with cross-chain functionalities ensures that crypto beginners and non-technical, NFT-curious artists coming to NFTing will feel right at home from day one. Each user gets a fully functional and fully secure NFT wallet built into the marketplace for easy access, as well as an auto-customizable social profile with a Twitter-like newsfeed. NFTing is a community-driven platform with governed by both its core team members and a Partial DAO.

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